Natural Resource Management in Australia

Topics: Natural resource, Ecology, Resource Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Adhering to the recent scenarios in Australian natural resource industry, where there is certain lack of adequate human resources to deal with such gigantic capital projects recently the country is dealing with, we have proposed some alternative solutions that can be considered by the concerned authorities while resolving this particular issue: •Make policies for effective management within available human resources •Hiring human resource from other regions of the world.

Outsource the projects to other regions of the world.
Integrate IT for covering up human deficits and automating natural resource project management . Solution .
Since Australia is abundant in its natural resources, there are plenty of ongoing capital projects in the country which require a good management support from IT industry as in the current scenarios of significantly lacking availability of human resources in the country, IT support is likely to enhance a long term prosperity of natural resource projects in Australia to a great extent. In due course, the only solution for the organisations and concerned authorities associated with Australian capital projects of natural resources and are working hard to ensure the ongoing viability of industries built around Australia’s natural resources can only be integration of latest management techniques supported by Information Technology. In addition, for successful project management, IT based proper planning, tracking and reporting processes can be of great value. With adequate IT-based management practices it is likely to prevent the natural resource industry in Australia from being over-exploited and exposed to wastage of efforts and costs put in those projects so far. It will also help in minimisation of environmental harm whilst maximization of social and economic benefits for the country. Nowadays, Information Technology is leading the world in each and every field, for that reason, the natural resource industry...
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