National Integration

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Rotary dial Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: September 14, 2012
We all know mobile phones and their extensive usage.Initially when the cell phones were launched in the market it was available to all but affordable only for a set of people who could avail it. Phone is the symbol of emergency however; today's cell phone technology has become a status symbol. When compared with the scenario has now changed. It is found everywhere and in everybody’s hand right from a school kid to an old man begging on the street. Phones in previous days were considered to be used at times of emergency but these days it has become a part and parcel of one’s life and an essential medium to lead lives. Since the dawn of human civlisation man has been creating things to meet his needs.

Mobile phone is one such , portable electronic device. They are now inexpensive, easy to use, comfortable and equipped with almost every latest feature we desire such as calculater internet games camer and many more.

They are also known as lifesavers as they can help people in emergencies. For instance disaster response crews can locate trapped or injured people using the signals from their mobile phones or the small detonator of flare in the battery of every cell phone; and for students also they are equally applicable.

A coin has 2 faces. Likewise, mobile phones have its own demerits. it has severe health implications. Symptoms caused such as headache, earaches, blurring of vision by the radiation of mobile phones are one of the most argued problems. These invisible radiations destroy the cells located in ear and head region resulting in tumors. increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma"

Moreover Psychiatrists believe that mobile phone addiction is becoming one of the biggest non-drug addictions .Teenagers are engaged on their mobile phones all the time, no matter on phone calls, using SMS text messages, personalizing the mobile phones with ringtones and pictures etc.

. Its use in impropriate places causes disturbance, such as in classrooms..Mobile phones...
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