National Development Policy Framework

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  • Published : June 4, 2011
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National Vision Policy (2001-2010)

The National Vision Policy aims to establish a united, progressive and prosperous Bangsa Malaysia. It endeavours to build a resilient and competitive nation, and equitable society with the overriding objective of National Unity. It has seven critical thrusts, as follows:

• Building a resilient nation;
• Promoting an equitable society;
• Sustaining high economic growth;
• Enhancing competitiveness;
• Developing a knowledge-based economy;
• Strengthening human resource development; and
• Pursuing environmentally sustainable development.
The National Vision Policy provides the overriding objectives for the various national initia- tives over the period. The National Vision Policy is operationalised through the Third Outline Perspective Plan.

Third Outline Perspective Plan
The strategic thrusts of the Third Outline Perspective Plan (OPP3) are as follows: • Strengthening the manufacturing sector;
• Restructuring and modernising the agriculture sector to be dynamic and competitive;
• Developing the services sector as the main engine of growth; • Accelerating the development of S&T capacity and capability to further increase competitiveness and efficiency;
• Increasing the usage of ICT in all sectors to increase productivity; and • Increasing coverage as well as improving access and quality of basic infrastructure and social services to increase efficiency and quality of life. The strategic thrusts of the OPP3 serve as the guiding framework for the various Malaysia Plans during the period, including the Eight Malaysia Plan. AGRICULTURAL POLICY FRAMEWORK

During the OPP3 period, it can be seen that one of the strategic thrusts outlined was to restructure and modernise the agriculture sector to be dynamic and competitive. Transforming Agriculture into a modern, dynamic and competitive sector Measures identified to achieve this objective during the Eighth Malaysia Plan period...
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