Tda 2.5 Unit 6.1 Roles & Responsibilities of National & Local Government

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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TDA 2.5 Unit 6.1
Roles & responsibilities of national & local government * National Government:
* Also known as Department of Education (DFE).
* Responsible at a national level for education provision. * Responsible for developing & monitoring education policies e.g. National Curriculum OR Early Years Foundation Stage. * They put in place guidelines for students achievements & attainment. * Responsible for the quality of service, linking to Every Child Matters, this monitoring is often passed to the local government. * Give statutory advice so teachers understand their legal obligations. * They also offer non statutory advice e.g. drugs, health safety, behaviour & discipline. * The DFE publish league table, this is helpful in monitoring school’s progress & also for the parents & students. * The DFE fund education research.

* They look to integrate & make links with all groups & services working with children e.g. Social Services, The National Health etc. * The DFE also seek to develop the role of nongovernmental organisations working with children e.g. voluntary community & charity organisations.

* Local Government:
* They provide local funding to local school.
* Support special education need.
* They offer upgraded course for teachers.
* They help developing school policies.
* They help children placements in schools according to their catchment area. * They also provide guidelines to follow the National Curriculum. * They provide funds to support teaching & learning resources. * Funds for facilities.

* Economic wellbeing for people.
* Developing school’s policies & behaviour.
* Staff training.
* Promoting community cohesion.
* Also known as the LEA (Local Education Authority).
* Local government are responsible for implementing education policies. * They provide provisions for local activities...
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