Nasi Ganja

Topics: Malaysia, Red Delicious, Curry Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Topic: The Speciality of “Nasi Ganja” Ipoh.

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the speciality of “Nasi Ganja” Ipoh.

Central Idea: The three speciality of “Nasi Ganja” Ipoh included the the existence of the outlets, popularity and delicious rice in the stores, the long queue for the plate of ‘nasi ganja’.

Main Points:
1. The first privileges of ‘nasi ganja’ Ipoh is the existence of the unique and old outlets. 2. The second speciality is the popularity and delicious rice in the stores that drive many people. 3. The third privileges is the willing of people to queue for the plate of ‘nasi ganja’

Supporting details 1
The first speciality is existence of the outlets. It’s located at Jalan Yang Kalsom, this old looking coffee shop has been selling nasi kandar for decades. Kedai Kopi Yong Suan, a chinese named coffee shop. This is where the famous Nasi Kandar of Ipoh was located. Some would call it Nasi Ganja or Marijuana Rice! The existence of such outlets from 51 years to make a meal of the oldest shops in the city of Ipoh. But what is even more special is that their popularity among fans of nasi kandar.

Supporting details 2
The second one is the popularity and delicious rice in the stores that drive many people to make certain the title does not make sense sometimes. In malaysia, Marijuana is illegal, but not Nasi Ganja! Well, its not that they really have marijuana in the rice okay, it was just named as marijuana rice by the locals simply because it is addicting! Yeah, addicting! you heard that just right. People are coming back for more of this addicting curry! those who love to eat chicken rice drive will hold a red delicious dishes such as ‘nasi ganja’. For the ordinary rice meal, said their spiciness with side dishes of rice served with it made them ‘hooked’.For those people who never try ‘nasi ganja’, which, according to them when they tried it once, they will continue to be a loyal...
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