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Case study 1
A Golden opportunity: exporting easy flame barbeques to Argentina? 1 Many export activities begin in this way; however, there are a number of issues Mariano has overlooked. Name five of these. Target Market: Mariano sees the market in Argentina, but he did not to carry on the analysis, his products are for which customer. Also needs to locate product sales target market. Easy flame barbeques only can content a part of people in social. Marketing analysis;

Service firms
Social-Culture/Foreign demand

2 Mariano has chosen indirect export as his initial mode of entry—discuss the advantages of this compared to other possible entry modes Mariano might have chosen. 3 How might Austrade be able to help Mariano with his proposed international marketing venture? Identify the typesof services that Austrade offers. 4 In what ways will Mariano’s background and skill set assist him in undertaking this venture? What skills might he lack? Is his general approach one that you would personally recommend? 5 In what ways would exporting the barbeques to Argentina differ from distributing the products to other parts of Australia where they are currently not available (such as Western Australia)? Are there advantages to internationalization? 6 What uncontrollable factors in Argentina could impact on Mariano’s chances of success in his proposed international marketing venture? In particular review the role of economic and financial conditions. 7 Assuming the Easy Flame manufacturers are interested in selling the products what are some of the important decisions Mariano needs to make in formulating an export marketing strategy?

1. Why are the Gourmet Express portfolio of Chinese, Thai and Japanese rice-based dishes apparently selling well in Australia and New Zealand? In addressing this question consider how food tastes have changed in recent years. 2. Food traditionally has been considered...
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