Nascar Case Study

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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1. How do you think good decision making has contributed to the success of NASCAR?


NASCAR is a huge, well-known company. The decisions made by the management of NASCAR have been carefully considered since the founding of the company in 1948 by “Big Bill” France As the company’s top manager, Brian France uses the 8 steps in the decision-making process that have contributed to the success of NASCAR.

Brian gathers information from a variety of sources. It promoted the sports with the help of race track owners and so the upgraded and built paved race tracks. They made the sports safer after analyzing the problem of safety after the death of Earnhardt. Other than that it got sponsored by the R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company and held the first Winston 500 race in Talladega, Alabama. They also joined some sports channel promoting their cars such as ESPN, TNT, and Fox. All these early decisions help NASCAR to raise their product level and hit the success.

2. A decision to go after a new market as Brian is doing is a major decision. How could he have used the decision-making process to help make this decision?


Yes, Brian is using the eight-steps of decision-making process for the expansion of his business. The problem Brain faced was holding the loyalty of the company’s current fans and, at the same time, building a more diverse customer base. When the problem was identified, Brian applied the decision criteria to get out of that problem and after that it was improved more by customer feedback. Much of NASCAR’s historical success can be attributed to management’s responsiveness to its loyal customers

Example is the decision making process of “Safety”

3. What criteria do you think would be most important to Brian as he makes decisions about the company’s future?


These criteria would include maintaining the brand loyalty of NASCAR customers; ensuring responsible and cooperative behavior, including car and driver safety;...
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