Narrative Essay

Topics: High school, Adolescence, High school diploma Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Narrative essay| April 12
| Week #2|

My name I was born May seventeenth, nineteen eighty four to my parents Rhonda and Larry. My childhood was full of happy times; I went on vacations, we went camping, and we just had a lot of all around good family times. The most significant change in my life came when I was about fourteen years old when my parents were divorced! Throughout my childhood I was a happy child I did as I was told, and I loved to play and work with kids that was my passion, my mother told me on several occasions that I should become a teacher which has never left the back of my mind, when my parents were divorced that changed the course of my life instantly. Divorce can have a devastating effect on a teenager at the prime of their teenage years. This essay will tell my story and how I became who I am today through all of life’s trials and tribulations.

At fourteen when most teenagers were out going to the movies and talking on the phone with boys I was hanging out with completely wrong crowd, smoking and drinking was the path that I begun to go down, this was my way of ignoring what was going on with my family and covering up and hiding emotional scares. After my parents’ divorce was complete is when I really began to live my life however I wanted I stayed out all night every night as a result I dropped out of high school. My dreams of becoming anything stopped and the most important thing to me was to be high or drunk. It took a long time for me to finally realize that what I was doing to myself was “no good” and that I needed to go back to school.

Job corps on Treasure Island is a place where any person ages 16-24 can go and receive your high school diploma and also become trained in a variety of trades. At this point in my life I really had no choice in whether I was going to attend or not this was my only choice. I stayed at Job Corps for about two years I received my G.E.D, I also got my high school diploma and here...
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