Narrative Essay

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Keilyn Nguyen
“You choose us or you’ll lose us,” said my best friend – Clove. I remember it was in December of 2010. I was in grade 9 – Grad of Junior High School. My best friends and I created a group that was really naughty and popular. Sometimes we made our teachers mad. We usually helped each other in many tests and quizzes which we called that action teamwork, but cheating was what teachers and parents considered of. In spite of the naughtiness and popularity we had, we were kind to everybody. We played with everyone and didn’t bully or do anything bad or harmful to others. However, things didn’t go well when a new student started to settle into my class. It was a day before winter break, everybody was waiting for going snow shoeing, skiing during the break. Unlike to me, I knew that good things come when I least expected.

My new fellow student – Adam Tran – was a good-looking guy with an angel smile. People said good impression is very important, and it is. I was startled when he smiled and introduced himself in front of the class. He was a little bit shy. His words were low and mumbly, “Hi. Oh hello everyone. Hmm My name is Adam, and it is nice to meet you. I hope you will help me with fitting in the new environment.” It was fine for new student, I think, and I was just amazed by how angelic his smile was. He had the best smile I’ve ever seen, except for my Dad’s and my brother’s. Adam’s parents had worked and lived in the capital city- Hanoi before they moved to Saigon to start their business. I doubted it would be really hard for him because we were the South people, and we had quite a bit different from the North-the capital in eating, pronouncing, and schooling. I’d talked to myself he would be okay. Adam was really nice guy, but his shyness and quietness kept him away from the other classmates. After a month, my class was really surprised because not only was Adam the top student, but he also brought my class up to the top 3 classes in the whole school. My feeling of happiness mixed with jealousy toward Adam. I didn’t hate him, just because I used to be the top in class, but I dropped to second place after he’d come to my class. I felt sad. I didn’t try my best in tests and exams. Yet, I admired Adam of his attitude toward his studying and activities in school.

A month and a half passed by, Adam started to fit in with my class. Everybody had been really welcomed and friendly to him, so I’d hoped he wouldn’t feel lonely. I smiled, unconditionally whenever I thought about him. His innocent thought, his angelic smile had drown me crazy, but crazy’s in a positive way. He had something that drove people’s attention. Not people, me, at least.

“Why are you smiling alone? What’s in your head?” It’s my best guy friend, Royce, asked me with his anxious face. He thought I was crazy. I was sure. We were in math period, and the teacher was late. Other students were talking noisily. I didn’t forget to give a glance at Adam to see what he was doing. He’d been reading by the time some guys in my class came over and had a chat with him. I turned my face to Royce, “Are you thinking that I’m crazy? No, I just randomly smiled. Do you know? When you think of random happy things, you just smile. So don’t worry, eh!?” I twinkled. Royce still gave that face to me for five seconds. I actually counted. Then he stood up and tried to keep everyone quiet while waiting for the teacher. Royce was a monitor of my class, so it was his job to keep everyone organized during class time.

We, my class, were counting down every second, waiting for the bell rang.
“Yo did you see my calculator? I couldn’t find it. Help me Royce. It’s a new one. My dad just bought for me last week. He’ll kill me if I can’t find it.” I asked Royce while imagined how was I supposed to face my dad. “I don’t know. I didn’t borrow it for the whole day. Try to find it in your backpack or somewhere near our seats!!” Royce said. I was so scared...
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