My Heart Beat Frantically as I Made My Way to the Principal’s Office "

Topics: The Principal's Office, English-language films Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: May 31, 2013
My heart beat frantically as I made my way to the principal's office . My mind could not figure out what would be the possible consequences and punishment from the principal.“I am guilty and there is no way the principal can forgive me”.I told myself. I felt like I was going to be given a very stern punishment.Then I tried to figure out why I was in this mess.
It story started when my mom gave birth to a new baby boy in our family . I was in cloud nine that day as my father told me that I have a new brother . " Wohoo ! " I shouted. I put the phone back to its original place after Ispoke to my dad. I was not really myself that day . I shook hands with all the students in my classroom.I could see they were starring at me with strange faces.Most of my classmates were baffled initially until I told them about this new brother.Then slowly one by one stood up and congratulated me.So I told them I would persuade my dad to throw a small party over the weekend to celebrate this occasion.Everyone was looking forward to this occasion.In my classroom,I was commonly known as a quiet and shy boy.I didn’t talk too much unless someone asked me to. But today, after that good news,I completely change myself.I was just like a character of a "wood-pecker" as I made a lot of annoying noises in the class .

Kring ! Kring !.The bell rang and it was time to go home. I quickly packed all my stuff into my school bag and ran towards the main gate with a fantastic speed . I could not wait to get home to meet my newborn brother . After five minutes,I felt bored. I walked around the school compund . While walking, I could see something that caught my eyes.I picked up five bottles of wood-sprayer in various colour which are commonly used by PMR students for their Life Skill''s carpenting projects.Then,I ran to a new building at a compound nearby.The building was almost completed and most of the classrooms were already used. There was another one room...
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