Narrative Essay

Topics: Family, English-language films, Prince Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: September 2, 2008
August 28, 2008
Narrative Essay

My Unplanned Weekend

It was a Thursday afternoon and I was patiently sitting in my chair at school talking to my friend Tanya about what we were going to do that weekend. I hear a voice say “Mr. Johnson can you send Lynn to the office for check out.” I was excited because this meant I did not have to go to math class. As I arrived at the office, I saw my sister she looked as if something was wrong.

“Kimberly, what is wrong?”
“I will tell you when we get in the car, we have to hurry and get to the hospital.”
On the way to the hospital she explains to me our grandmother was having moments where she wasn’t breathing, and the doctors were calling in the family. I could not believe this was happening I felt inside as if I wanted to pass out. We arrive at the hospital and enter the room some of my family were there, a few of them were crying and others just sit there quietly. The room was white, had a small window that would raise less that halfway, the floors were so shiny that you could see you reflection. My grandmother was so still, she was quiet, she was laying there in a weakened and helpless state. She was also unresponsive, this scared me a lot I had never seen her this way before. It was not long she had another attack were she was not breathing and the nurses rushed in to assist her. What seemed like hours but was actually just a few minutes she started to breathe again and this was a relief. Later on my cousin approached asking me if I would ride with her to pick up her mother. My mom told me that she wished that I would just stay at the hospital just incase something happened, but if I wanted to go and we were not going to be gone long then I could go.

We went to go and pick her mother up from home which was about a thirty minute drive from the hospital. When we got there, her mother was waiting for us outside and we rushed back to the hospital. Getting out of the car I look up to the...
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