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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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English 101

September 24th, 2012

The memories of my hometown

Have you ever asked yourself if you could ever choose, which place in this world do you want to be at most? I have. The warmest memories, and the peacefully joys I experience when I am there will always have a special place in my heart. From time to time the richness of culture, the variety of food, and the most beautiful traditions have been specified signatures itself, and yet have never fallen behind in the new century. This place is called: “Laos” also known, as a Lao PDR has always been the most inimitable place rooted in my heart.

I left Laos when I was twelve, but I still had some fond memories. When I came there, I found that some things had changed dramatically while others have had stayed the same. There were some unexpected surprises, some of which I wished to see. I went back two years ago; I explored the vaguely familiar streets and happened to arrive upon the famous temple down the street of my grandparents’ house. The traditional styled building had a pair of stone tigers flanking the main entrance and the sounds of prayer could be heard even from the streets. The smell of incense crept into my nose and the warming light from the candles as I approached the carved wooden doors of the temple. Inside was decorated by gold-painted statue of Buddha surrounded by numerous offerings and food. I remembered walking with my grandmother almost every day for almsgiving to the Monks. While standing in front of the building, a lot of memories flash back in time, where every morning at 6:30 AM, monks walk around the neighborhood, people seat in front of their house alms food for the monks. In return of respect, monks give out the blessing to people. This is the expensive experience that I could never forget.

The chime of the bell marked noontime and I realized I was rather hungry. I made my trip into the streets where vendors were selling a...
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