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Topics: Best Friend of Charleston, Summation, Money Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 17, 2013

Tommy and his wife,Janny were a lovely couple.Tommy was a successful entrepreneur while his wife was a housewife.Tommy often brought his wife went to oversea together when he had a business at there.

“Dear,I want go to Australia for a month,can you go with me?”Tommy asked Janny.But Janny couldn’t went with him because she wanted to take care her sick mother.Tommy made a decision went to Australia alone.

James was a best friend of Tommy in Australia,he knew Tommy came here alone.He phoned Tommy and asked him”Tommy,can you come out awhile,I need to discuss some business”.He wanted Tommy joined him to open the new company in Singapore and let him to be a boss because he didn’t have enough money to open the company.Without thinking more,Tommy made decision to give out his money to James.

After a while,James invited Tommy went to his friend,Jessie’s nightclub to celebrate.After Tommy and Jessie met for few times,they fall in love.Jessie always invited Tommy went to her house and cooked delicious food to him.Tommy also agreed to took out sum of money for helping Jessie’s mother to do the emergency lung operation.

When Tommy back to Malaysia, he realised that James and Jessie were already took away all his company’s money.Tommy didn’t have enough money to pay off his employers’salary and all loans from bankers.Soon,his wife was decided to divorce with him,he caught by the police and his company was burnt by his employers because he could not paid off all the loans.

Finally,he realised that making decision must look before you leap and fully trust his friend were making him lost everythings especially his lovely wife.

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