Narative Essay

Topics: Dog, Friendship, Memory Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: June 17, 2011
Lan Ha
Narrative essay (final draft)
My Favorite Childhood Memory
In modern life,people do not believe in miracles anymore because life is not a fairy tale,and there is not a fairy godmother who magically appear when they need help. However,my childhood story can prove an opposite thing. It was the most memorable time that I cannot forget at the end of my life. A fantastic thing happened when I was a little girl,and this is a story about me and my puppy. On the occasion of my seventh birthday,my father gave me a puppy. It was my

precious gift I have ever had because he was my best friend during my childhood time.

I named him Dolly and after one week,we seemed to be closed friends. He ran to me

everytime,listened to me and wrapped his ears excitedly. I also taught him to do some

tricks,so he could jump up,sit down or lie on the ground when I ordered him.He was a

smart and very nice dog.Once I argued and was hit by my older brother,he bravely

rushed into danger to protect me.I was really appreciate my Dolly. Indeed,I loved him

and we were best friends,so I always shared my feelings with him,talked to him, even

though he just quietly listened and licked up my hand gently. Although he was silent,I

knew he could understand me very well.

Day by day,Dolly and I enjoyed happiness together,but a terrible nightmare came

and took away my best friend. While I was studying in my room,he was playing

outside the front yard.Suddenly,I heard his voice. He was barking loudly. When I ran
there,he was took by two strangers. Thus,I just saw they ran away with my dog very fast,so I could not do anything to help him. I was stunned,I so just stood distractedly for a

long time. My heart was broken when I thought I could never see him again.Hopelessly,I

wept and moaned for a couple days and did nothing because there was no way to find

him.At that time,I had no energy to do anything else because the fear of losing my...
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