The Final Lineee

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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I saw him; I so him again! With white shinny top and bright red jeans. I never caught a sight of his face but I got a glimpse of his brown hair. I see him everywhere, in my dreams and nightmares. No one has ever seen me; no one knows I exit except from the birds, trees, sun, moon and my friend (who has been with me all my life and has thought me everything). I’ve been here since I was five I’ve learnt everything that my friend thought me, I don’t even know if I have family I am here all alone with my friend in the corner of the woods where no one ever comes I’ve never seen anyone around here till now. I do not know who he is I have seen him around. He does not know if am here. I wonder who he is, he looks like a normal human being. I think about him every day I wonder how he arrived here. I always wanted to meet people I want to know how other people are like, I want to see the world and live like a normal person. No one can see Destiny (my friend) only I can, she told me. Destiny is like my grandmother she doesn’t look old but she is probably the age of a grandma, I don’t say that, she does. She never opens up about my life she has never informed me about who I am and how I got here , she never tells me who my parents were or if I had any siblings. All she tells me is that she is my protector and when time comes, I will discover everything. She calls me Tiara. She taught me everything; she has even taught me how to climb up the full tree and jump of it without breaking my bones. Destiny says she will always support me and stay with me. She taught me how to be brave, strong and how to come over my fears. I have no fears except from the time, which will come and reveal all the secrets and the mysteries of my life. Destiny gave me permission to go and meet the stranger who I see every day. She said it would help me know humans more. I went towards him ...he heard my footsteps and turned around and looked at me. He gazed at me with his bright honey eyes then the...
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