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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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naraI frantically turned off the television and stared around the den with a paranoid expression. Who knows what could be lurking behind the striking red curtains that mysteriously shifted back and forth or even underneath the soft brown leathered couch. My mind quickly flashed back to the horror movie I had just finished watching by myself at the dead of night. Turning off the light, I was submerged in a darkness in which I felt I was being watched. Sprinting out of the den, I started to scramble up the stairs mimicking a scared cat, and turned quickly into the hallway and stared into the shadows that stood between me and the path to safety. My feet sunk into the beige carpet as I hustled towards the door at the very end of the hall and cursed myself for choosing to have the room farthest away from anyone else. My hand grasped the metal door knob and turned it, but before I could breathe out a sigh of relief, my face contorted into an expression of horror.

“AHHH!” I shrieked.
“Scaredy cat, scaredy cat,” my little brother Tejpal bellowed.
He had sprung out from behind my door and scared the living daylights out of me. A mixture of fear, confusion, anger shifted through me, but it was all replaced by the need for revenge. Laughing merrily, Tejpal walked out of my room not acknowledging the dark look I was giving him.

“Just you wait, brat,” I muttered.

Like any other teenager of my age, I was mindlessly browsing the internet when I came across a fake newspaper article. It described a strange animal that was known to lurk in the closets of little boys and pounce out in the dead of night only to drag them to their door. Around 8pm, I confidentially strolled over to Tejpal’s room, which smelt of dirty laundry, old lunches and recently sprayed febreeze, and hid my sly smile, by turning it into a worried expression before handing him the article.

“Oh my lawd Tejpal, look at this!” I said in a frightened tone.
“What is it?” Tejpal asked curiously....
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