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Topics: Unemployment, United States, African American Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Elijah Pierson
Mrs. Crook
English III
7 February 2013
The American Dream Research Paper
People that lack economical stability and support often move to the United States in search of obtaining the American Dream. The problems some people have when trying to obtain the American Dream are lack of money, support from family members, and also discrimination. Those obstacles make it difficult to create a better life style, so that their future can be brighter. African Americans are just one of many groups that have had trouble obtaining the American Dream. Because of a lack of education, it was harder to make money, and many had to deal with discrimination.

Obtaining the American Dream is not easy for immigrants from other countries, especially when they lack the financial stability to provide for a family. Some people may say the American Dream had become harder to achieve, especially for people with financial issues (Rodriguez 1). People coming to America from other countries often have come in search of jobs or opportunities to work. “The only problem is that it is hard to find a job because the unemployment rate is high” (Meacham 1). High unemployment rate doesn’t stop people from trying to obtain the American Dream; it just causes them to fight harder. Lack of financial stability is just one of many obstacles that immigrants face; they also suffer a lack of support from family members to make a better life style. Immigrants from other countries often come up short in obtaining the American Dream because of the absence of support from family. In researching the obstacles of immigrants obtaining the American Dream, Pearson observes that the second generation of immigrants have a higher income, and are more likely to have a college degree, than the generation before them(Pearson). In the end, children of immigrants that grew up in the states are often “more educated, better paid and more likely to own a home than their parents” (Pearson 1), because of the...
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