Nannie Doss

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Nannie Doss
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Nannie Doss|
Background information|
Birth name| Nancy Hazle|
Also known as| The Giggling Nanny, The Giggling Granny, The Jolly Black Widow, The Lonely Hearts Killer| Born| (1905-11-04)November 4, 1905
Blue Mountain, Alabama, United States|
Died| June 2, 1965(1965-06-02) (aged 59)|
Cause of death| Leukemia|
Penalty| Life imprisonment|
Number of victims| 11|
Country| United States|
State(s)| Alabama, North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma|
Date apprehended| October, 1954|
Nannie Doss (November 4, 1905[1] – June 2, 1965[2]) was a serial killer responsible for the deaths of 11 people between the 1920s and 1954.[3] She finally confessed to the murders in October 1954, after her fifth husband died in a small hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In all, it was revealed that she had killed 4 husbands, 2 children, her two sisters, her mother, a grandson, and a nephew. Contents[hide] * 1 Early life * 2 First marriage * 3 Second marriage * 3.1 Grandchildren * 3.2 Death of Frank * 4 Third marriage * 5 Fourth marriage * 6 Fifth marriage * 7 Confession and conviction * 8 References * 9 External links| [edit] Early life

Doss was born in Blue Mountain, Alabama as Nancy Hazle to Lou and James Hazle. Nannie was one of five children; she had one brother and three sisters. Both Nannie and her mother hated James, who was a controlling father and husband with a nasty streak. There is evidence that Doss was conceived illegitimately, as James and Lou married after 1905; census records also show that in 1905 she and her mother were living on their own.[4] She had an unhappy childhood. She was a poor student who never learned to read well; her education was erratic because her father forced his children to work on the family farm instead of attending school. When she was around 7 years old, the family was taking a train to visit relatives in southern Alabama; when the train stopped suddenly, Nannie hit her head on the metal bar on the seat in front of her. For years after, she suffered severe headaches, blackouts and depression; she blamed these and her mental instability on that accident. During childhood, her favorite hobby was reading her mother's romance magazines and dreaming of her own romantic future. Later, her favorite part was the lonely hearts column. The Hazle sisters' teenage years were restricted by their father; he forbade them to wear makeup and attractive clothing. He was trying to prevent them from being molested by men, but that happened on several occasions. He also forbade them to go to dances and other social events. [edit] First marriage

Doss was first married at age 16, to Charley Braggs. They had met at the Linen Thread factory where they both worked, and with her father's approval they married after 4 months of dating. He was the only son of a never-married mother, who insisted on continuing to live with her son after he married. Doss later wrote I married, as my father wished, in 1921 to a boy I only knowed about four or five months who had no family, only a mother who was unwed and who had taken over my life completely when we were married. She never seen anything wrong with what he done, but she would take spells. She would not let my own mother stay all night... Braggs' mother took up a lot of his attention, and she often limited Nannie's activities. The marriage produced 4 daughters from 1923 to 1927. The stressed-out young mother started drinking, and her casual smoking habit became a heavy addiction. Both unhappy partners suspected each other--correctly--of infidelity, and Braggs often disappeared for days on end. In early 1927, they lost their 2 middle girls to suspected food poisoning; suspecting that Nannie had killed them, Braggs took firstborn daughter Melvina and fled, leaving newborn Florine behind. Soon after, Braggs' mother died and Nannie took a job...
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