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Nando’s, is a well-known fast food restaurant which was found in 1987 in South Africa. Nando’s is specializing in chicken, especially its unique Mozambican-Portuguese style of Peri-Peri Flamed Grilled Chicken. Nando’s opened its first international strore 12 years ago and the Nando’s Peri-Peri trail has blazed from South Africa across the seas to other 22 countries, comprising 400 stores worldwide.

The signature menu item at Nando’s is a Portuguese specialty, Peri-Peri chicken which has a truly unique taste. Delicious alternatives and additions to Peri-Peri chicken include chicken breast burgers and pitas, prego steak rolls, vegetarian and bean burgers, chicken livers etc.

Businesses today face three major challenges and opportunities which of course, as an international company, Nando’s is also facing the same challenges which bring opportunity to the business: Globalization, Technological Advancement and Outsourcing. Further details will be discussed in the following.

Globalization, Technological Advancement and Outsoucing


Globalization is the growing integration of economies and societies around the world and legal system. That make people around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before. At a business level, we talk globalization when companies decide to take part in the emerging global economy and establish themselves in foreign market. Globalization means a company will adapt their products or services to the final user’s linguistic and cultural requirement. Then, take the advantage of the internet revolution and establish a virtual presence on the international marketplace with a multilingual corporate website or even as an e-business.

Nando’s first created in South Africa and had a fast development overseas. Nando’s has decided to go to an international market. Different stages in term of globalization are possible. Nando’s has acquired overseas outlets and branches. Nando comprises 400 stores worldwide with 176 stores in South Africa and the rest in international markets. It plan to have rolled out excess of 600 quick service restaurants to world wide within 3 years serving peri-peri marinated, flame grill chicken and associated food items under the Nando’s brand name.

In our opinion, globalization of Nando’s brings the greatest opportunities for higher economic growth and better living standards that more openness bring, policymakers to international, national and local. Chief executive Robbie Brozin had anticipated the fast food chain to introduce Nando’s unique flamed-grilled chicken to world wide. Nowadays, Nando’s already establish many restaurants in Asian like Singapore and`Malaysia.

To define the models of strategy used, the four P components of the Marketing Mix will help us understand nando’s view. Nando’s needs have a big promotion for their products to create a successful global brand. The first promotion of their product is advertised their grill-chicken by using the poster method. They provide four-different color chicken and create a slogan for their brand “We’re all the same on the inside, Pauline”. Then it used a radio advertisement featuring a soon-to-be-grilled chicken parodying a recording made by Hanson. A vital part of low cost marketing strategy is to be flexible and topical and grab channel as soon as they arise to influence out of the publicity.

Nowadays, Nando’s also create a website to introduce their tradition protégés food to world wide. Consumers can also download Nando’s peri-peri chicken recipes if they are interest to it. In Malaysia, the most attractive promotion is the Nando’s have classified their peri-peri chicken to four flavors, that is lemon-herb, mild peri-peri, hot peri-peri, extra hot peri-peri. These promotion is aim to attract the people who interest to...
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