Nanawawati Associates

Topics: SAVE, Crowd psychology, Effect Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Q.1 Why is this group a team?
* This is a group because they all have same and similar interest in software developing. * This group is team because they all are working for a specific task or for the specific software which they all have to develop for the Nanawati Associates and they have to share their work among themselves.

Q.2. Has anyone in this case acted unethically?

* In this case Aditiya acted unethically by sharing their group innovation with their in house manager Mr Karan. Even though it was decided by their group that we are not going to * Disclose our innovation with the management of the company.

Q.3. What, if any, characteristic of the groupthink are manifested in the work team? * If any characteristic in the group think are manifested in the team work than it affects the working of the team and it also affects the spirit of the team. In this case what Aditiya did is wrong because It affects the trust of the other people and it can also affect the other workers job if it is complained by Karan to his high authority.

Q.4. Has Karan been an effective team leader? Explain your position? * Yes, Karan is an effective team leader because he catches the situation that something is going different in his group. This is known by him when he check his mail and he saw that in one of the Aditiyas mail Nitya wrote that thanks for his brilliant mind which saves her time to complete the work.

Q.5. What should Karan do know?
* In practical the Karan would threat his team member and after that he may ask for his sharing of profit from the time saved by his team which helps them to save more money because the company is paying them for full time.
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