Topics: Human rights, Law, Freedom of speech Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Bill Of Rights
* Right to equality:
-You may not be unfairly discriminated against but fair discrimination is allowed. Not everyone has the right to equality and there is not really any limitation. * Human Dignity:
-You must be respected as a human being and your dignity must be protected * Life:
-No one is allowed to take away your life away from you.
* Freedom and Security of the person:
- This right means that I can walk to the shops in any form of transport and feel safe and I won’t be attacked and I have a right to present my situation before being punished.

* Slavery, Servitude and Forced Labor:
- No one may be made a slave, etc.
* Privacy:
- People have a right for people not to be searched
* Freedom of Religion, Belief and Opinion:
-You can choose what you believe in
* Freedom of Expression:
- Media freedom, artistic creativity, academic freedom, to have or share ideas. * Assembly, Demonstration, Picket and Petition
- You may do the above peacefully and unarmed
* Freedom of Association
-Everyone has the freedom to choose who they associate to
* Political Rights
- Every citizen can form a political party and participate in a party. Adults can vote * Citizenship
- No citizen can be deprived from citizenship
* Freedom of Movement and Residence
-You can go and live anywhere in South Africa
* Freedom of Trade, Occupation, and Profession
- Any one can choose their job or work as long as it is legal * Labor Relations
- You can join a trade union and strike
* Environment
- You have the right to a healthy environment and must be protected * Property
- You have the right to own property, which cannot be removed from you with out proper procedure. * Housing
- You have the right to adequate housing
* Health Care, Food, Water and Social Security
- You have the right to food, water health care and state assistance * Children
- I have a right to, nationality, name, family care,...
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