Name on Internal and Three External Ways That Could Recruit for the Job on Your Final Project.

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(Name one internal and three external ways that you could recruit for the job in your final project.(Staff nurse was approved) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each recruiting method for this job? Please explain. ) >>>>>>>>

One internal way is internal recruitment involving different modes of information disseminations such as posting vacant position in bulletin boards. This way is generally advantageous for being time saver and cost effective and getting prospective applicants for the vacant position will be much easier as buletin postings usually catches easily employees attention. As one way of internal recruitrement, the subsequent process of hiring are highly desirable as it will require less time for training and orientation of the newly placed staff nurse and the new staff will not face hard time in adjustment. It also provides opportunity to the existing nurses of lower position to promote themselves into staff nurses through an uncomplicated way. Employer has better knowledge on the skills and abilities of the applicant thus risk of recuiting an unqualified staff nurse is less. This has some disadvantages as the number of limited applicants may be limited to those who got the information and there may be uninformed others who may be more qualified. As this way of recruitement is internal, external applicants who may be more skillful are not given the opportunity to hold such job. Speaking of such method as part on internal hiring, as a staff will be placed in a new position, another position left by a certain staff will be left vacant. As sometimes, old employees had adapted on the system of organiztion, the new staff nurse may have some resistance to change. Some external ways of recruitement of a staff nures include public employment agencies, internet, and newspapers. Public employment agencies has the advantage of saving the time of the hiring program manager. Agencies have set standards in selecting prospective staff thus staff hired...
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