Myth Essay Everything Happens for a Reason

Topics: High school, Love, Thought Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Everything Happens For a Reason
The myth “everything happens for a reason” explains that in life not all bad experiences are mistakes, and they should not be regretted. I believe in many situations, something bad must take place in order for something great to come your way. There have been many events in my life that have opened my eyes to reality. Sometimes you make good decisions and sometimes you make bad decisions, but nonetheless there will always be consequences, both unfavorable and beneficial. Therefore, these decisions will affect you and the ones around you. Life is all about making the right choices and choosing what is best for you and molding yourself into the person that you are meant to be. One bad decision that I made turned out to provide a good lesson. The summer before my first year of high school, my best friend and I got ourselves into some trouble. We foolishly thought we could get away with stealing a few CDs from Target. Just when we were about to walk out the door, the store manager commanded us to come back inside. He clearly caught us. Even though we considered running away, our conscience compelled us to give in. We had to call our parents to come get us if we did not want to spend the night in the Police Station. My parents grounded me for the rest of the summer, and I received a bill amounting to $350 (hardly an appropriate consequence for stealing three CDs). It was, by far, the worst summer of my life. My parents were very disappointed in me and were ashamed to look at me. I was so upset for letting them down. After seeing how much I hurt my parents, I worked harder to be a better daughter and forge a stronger relationship with them that has stayed true throughout my life. As the years went by, I would think about my stupid mistake, but I knew I did not regret making this mistake. If I managed to get away with the stealing, I probably would have continued to steal and gotten myself into bigger trouble. This experience taught...
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