Myth Essay

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Kayla Manney
14 January 2013
English 3
Myth Essay
“How flip-flops got their flop.”
There once was a goddess with a mystical power that made everyone happy; as long as she was happy they were happy. That goddess’ name was Ella. Ella has a twin brother named Evan. Evan has the power of mind-control. Ella lived high in the sky on clouds amongst the other god. Ella and the other gods got along very well especially when she was in a good mood. After living in the clouds for a very long time all the gods got tired of doing regular deeds for themselves. They decided to do something big to create something. They all joined together in a big circle around the largest cloud and spun around three-hundred-and-sixty-five times. As they all came to a halt, they all peered off the edge of Evan’s humongous cloud they noticed a gigantic sphere. The gods got together and decided to call this gigantic sphere Earth. The gods soon learned that they could travel to Earth and that life could survive on Earth by the god James who had the power to make life human and animal.

As soon as word broke that life was able to survive on Earth they gods asked James to make them serpents. James was fine with this as long as the other gods let these serpents have some free time also. After James said yes, almost every god had serpents except Ella. Ella has been happy for a while, until one day Gus the god of wind blew her cloud near the sun. Ella demanded Gus blow her cloud back, Gus unfortunately couldn’t. When Ella got to her cloud she realized her feet were extremely hot because the ground of the cloud was hot. Ella wanted a shoe that would not slow her down, a shoe that was light and mystical just like her. Ella soon became very sad because she didn’t know how to make shoes. After Ella became sad, so did all the other gods. Once James got sad he offered her several serpents. Ella got super excited; she accepted the serpents from James. James had taught Ella a trick to get serpents...
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