Theories of Myth

Topics: Religion, Vedas, Cultural anthropology Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Theories of Myth
Clarice Hoff
November 6, 2010
Rathi Krishnan

Life has a beginning, middle, and end. As all people will never know what part of the beginning, middle, or end that is at this moment. The next generation will have the same myths given to them through the ancestors. Myths will always be a part of life for as long as there is life.

Myths are dreams and dreams are stories that have been told to others with hopes that people believe. Myths are to be more believable than a dream. Most people believe that dreams can come true. When people believe in the myth of the Deus Faber, then people believe Deus Faber is the Maker God. It states that “the Maker God was the architect, artisan or, craftsperson.” He was also “the Maker, Modeler, Mother-Father of life.” The breath giver of mankind and all the bearer and begetter can give.

The three different myths that I will speak of is the Secretion myth the Accretion or Conjunction clause. As the third I have already used the Deus Faber myth. In the Secretion myth people believe oceans were come from urinating and earth was from defecting and divine secretion created man.

Accretion or Conjunction cause: When the elements were changing the wind started to grow thicker and made the clouds. They also believe the animals represent the years of each person’s birth year. The armpits of a giant sweated and birthed man. Will ever know the truth about how man and earth came to life, I am not sure.

Although each culture has its beliefs and follows those beliefs, as they are taught. The etiological myth explains how creation happened before the pre-scientific age and the age of record keeping. Each culture and people lives by what that...
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