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Philippine Education for All 2015: Implementation and Challenges

Education is very important to human. We need to be educated in order for us not to be fooled by someone. Our parents send us in school to learn the basic skills specifically reading, writing, and simple arithmetic because they believe that education is the only treasure that they can give to us. It is also an instrument to elevate our social status in life. That’s why our government is trying to think of an effective way to lessen the numerous illiterate Filipinos. Due to the government’s strong desire to uplift the educational status of the Philippines they responded to the World Declaration on Education For All in 1990 and the country came up with the Philippine EFA 2015 National Action Plan entitled “Functionally Literate Filipinos, An Educated Nation.” The EFA plan constituted the national objectives, goals, policies and strategies. The following constitutes the EFA goals like improving and expanding Early Childhood Care and Development especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. The local government helps this program to be implemented by upgrading and expanding the existing Day Care Centers and Health Centers of every barangay. The ECCD program uses holistic approach to bring about the optimum development of the children which may help the child to experience love, harmony and harmless atmosphere inside the ECCD Centers. Another goal of EFA 2015 is to ensure universal access to complete, free and compulsory primary and secondary education as stated on the Republic Act 9155 or the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 along with Republic Act 6655 or the Free Secondary Education Act. These laws are of great help to the parents who were financially incapacity or those who belongs to indigent family because they can send their children to any public elementary and secondary schools without paying any amount on tuition fees. The third goal of EFA is ensuring young...
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