Topics: Chandelier, Lighting, Primary color Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Have a look at this picture. The subject of the picture is a study room. A study is a room in a house which is used for paperwork, computer work, or reading.  In my opinion, it’s a source of knowledge, art and inspiration. This room furnished with expensive exquisite furniture and equipped with necessary equipment. Its designed in Renaissance style. You can see that the room has nonstandard form and that shows originality of it’s planning. First of all you notice is two large oil paintings on the walls. Then you cast a glance at the bookshelves of mahogany with built-in upper lights, filled with valuable books, metallic statuettes and figurines. There are two globes and a big precious cup on the highest shelves. On the left, stands an antiquarian varnished table with carving on legs and dark brown leather working chair. There are two big books, a desk lamp with silver legs, two wooden frameworks with photos and a silver statuette of two horses on the table. A luxurious marble fireplace with forged set placed between the bookcases and creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room. There are two brass sconces with lighted candles on the sides and bronze antique clock in the middle on the fireplace. On the one side of the fireplace , there is decorative floor vase. On the other side, there is wooden shutter decorated with Japanese motives. Near it, there is dark brown leather chair with padded stool for feet. Next to the chair, there are a standard lamp and a coffee table as a yellow suitcase with porcelain tea set on it. On the left you can see a plasma TV and a stereo. The yellow papered walls are decorated with red patterns, except the middle of this wall. It is monotonous. There are three long windows closed with translucent tulle and short red curtains. A bright wall lamps shine near the windows. There is a red patterned carpet on brown parquet floor in the center of the room.. Design of the room harmonically complements an exquisite precious...
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