The Waiting Girl

Topics: Cat, Meaning of life, Girl Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: May 26, 2011
The waiting girl-
Loretta lux

The image that I have chosen to research is The waiting Girl by Loretta Lux. The image was published in 2006 in Germany. The image is about time and timelessness, the girl and the cat are frozen in time waiting for eternity. The little girl is simply waiting for nothing it is like what ever gets thrown at her next will be her opportunity. The waiting girl is one of Loretta’s best works; it is also one of her most famous work. Stated by Loretta “I started with the idea of a girl sitting on the sofa waiting for nothing in particular and the cat came into the idea later. I love cats and I had to try and incorporate cats into my images for a long time but never worked but this time worked extremely well”.

The image shows a little girl sitting on a chair and a cat laying next to her. This image shows the innocence of the little girl with her legs crossed, her hair in two buns, and her clothing so pail and vintage. You will not see many young girls dressed like this today. The chair is the first thing that is noticed in the image it is the colour red being bright and red the meaning of love, waiting for something to happen and for her life to carry on and a child’s life should.

The colour’s used in this photograph are pail and as known now vintage colour’s. The girl, cat, wall and floor are all mostly in the same tones and blend in with each other this which then makes the chair center of attention and is the most appealing aspect to the eye. Above the lounge there is a bow, which also shows the innocence of the little girl and her childhood. The meaning of each colour relates back to this image:

Red the colour of fire and blood, energy, danger, strength, power, passion, desire, and love. Beige the colour of warmth.
Brown the colour of stability, reliability, approachability, natural and organic. White is the colour of purity.
The texture of this image looks smooth but the lounge is rough and so is the floor, this gives...
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