My Son the Fanatic Resume

Topics: Violence, Fanaticism, Enthusiasm Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: January 22, 2011
’My son the fanatic’

Translated from Latin fanaticism means one-sidedness, which describe it very well. It is when a person is filled with an exaggerated interest and bias enthusiasm, often for a religious case. A fanatic will there fore not listen to other arguments than those, which already supports the assumed position. Nevertheless, fanaticism can actually be many things. It can be quite harmless such as if a person only can tolerate one kind of flower in his garden. This kind of fanaticism does not affect or hurt other people. However, many forms of fanaticism can be harmful. Examples of this can be animal lovers who liberate minks from the caves but to a cruel death in hunger. Another example is the most spoken about at this time, Islamism, which in worst-case scenario can end up with terror like the September 11. The son in the story ‘My son of the fanatic’ has become a fanatic Muslim. His father cannot really blame him for being a faithful Muslim. In fact, all Muslims should be religious like him. However, his father does not believe this can be compatible with integration in the British society. Fanaticism is not all about religions and integration like it is represented in the story. Fanaticism can deal with many different things like sports, politics, environment, etc. In the world of sport, the worst fanatics are the English hooligans. They are extreme and can make unintelligible actions in their obsessions of their football team’s performances. The sport gets a way to legitimate their violent behaviour. Some people have tried to explain this behaviour with the big amounts of beer, but the theory breaks when you compare with the Danish “roligans” who is very nice, calm and often also drunk. Fanaticism does not only live in the Middle East. Fanatics lives everywhere. They have one simple thing in common, they fight for a case and they are willing to use every means for reaching their goal. This could either be their own or in community...
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