Which Terror Is Greater: Secular or Religious?

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Which Terror Is Greater: Secular or Religious?
Alexandra C. Zuñiga
CJ290/ Terrorism
Mr. Scott Thompson
Kaplan College

Secular terror is anything that does not have to do with religion; however, religious tactics can be used to get ahead in secular terrorist organizations. Religious terror is based on the protecting, converging, and maintaining beliefs of a religion upheld by a religious terrorist group. Although different tactics are carried out by each different group of terror, they have some core features in common, such as emotionally evocative symbols, rituals, and myths (Alcorta, Phillips, Sosis, 2012). With their differences and similarities, the question at hand is which terror is greater? Religious terror is a greater threat because it is more widespread and brutal than secular terror. Secular terror remains a threat but not as big a threat as religious terror.

Which Terror Is Greater: Secular or Religious?
There is much perplexity about where to draw the line between secular and religious terror. Secular terror is distinct from religious terror in many ways. Religious terror is done in the name of a “God”, whereas, secular terrorism is anything but to do with religion. With diverse definitions and goals sought after by each group, a question poses; which terror is greater: secular or religious? A Vague Definition of Secular Terror

Secular terror, as stated before, is anything but to do with religion. Secular groups are more likely to carry out discerning attacks to realize a political objective. They mainly target individuals and political dignitaries. “They do not kill on a massive scale, but on a more individual basis,” (Garcia, 2011). Casualties in such attacks must remain at a minimum to be able to achieve their goal. It is imperative that attacks be carried out this way to avoid repercussions that could wreak havoc on the organization itself. Secular groups are also very careful that the world around them...
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