My Son, the Fanatic

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Parvez does a couple of things in order to find out what is son is up to. First thing Parvez does was that he sat in his son's room for hours trying to find clues or anything that cam useful. The second thing Parvez does is complains to his two closest friends when they were watching a Sylvester Stallone film, he broke his silence and said, "I can't understand!" " Everything is going from his room. And I can't talk to him any more. We were not father and son -- we were brothers! Where has he gone? Why is he torturing me?” And Parvez put his head in his hands. What Parvez's friends said is that his son; Ali, might be on drugs and that he is selling his stuff to pay for drugs. Later on Parvez asked a friend of his called Battina, Battina told him the symptoms that can be caused by drugs. So, he kept a close eye on Ali but didn't see anything in common with what Battina told him earlier. A narrative of two competing and opposing ideals: Parvez’s, in his dream of providing for his family and putting his son through college, and Ali’s, in the enthusiasm and passion of a powerfully anti-Western strain of Islam. Both men have similarly mismatched notions of Britain: for Parvez, Britain is both the dream of the perfect life and the steady need to satisfy that dream. For Ali, Britain is a “bottomless pit” of corruption and sin, guilty of oppressing Muslims around the world. The most noticeable conflict in the story is that of characteristics, and to be sure the conflict is centered on competing notions of Ali’s identity. Parvez sees his son as the realization of his ‘British dream’, excelling at cricket, swimming and football, achieving straight A’s in school, studying accounting at college and on track to “get a good job…marry the right girl and start a family” We gained many things by having the story told from the father’s point of view. We understand that the father was very concerned by his son’s change in lifestyle and attitude. The father kept asking his closest...
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