My Son the Fanatic

Topics: Christianity, Islam, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: February 10, 2013
My son the fanatic
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Parvez is worried about his son and the sudden change in his behavior. For years Parvez boasted to his friends about his son, but now a problem had occurred that Parvez couldn’t tell them about. Initially Parvez thought that drugs was the reason for the sons transformation, but that idea ended abruptly when he found him praying.

According to Ali his father is way to implicated in Western civilization. Parvez doesn’t comment on that directly, but he describes however the values he find important in life. Parvez’ philosophy of life is that you should to enjoy life, and get the best out of it as long as you live – without hurting others.

The text is a short story and the narrator is a third person narrator. My son the fanatic is a story about Parvez and his son Ali. In the beginning they have a really good relationship just like brothers, but they end up like strangers to each other. They are Pakistani, but they live in England, and Parvez has converted to the English culture. Parvez is trying his best to make Ali a successful accountant, who lives by Christian rules and integrates him self in the English society. Ali’s behavior has changed, and when Ali breaks up with his girlfriend and throws stuff out of his room, Parvez is getting really worried about what is wrong with him. Ali used to be a good kid with many friends, good at sports and straight A’s in school. Parvez thinks that Ali is doing drugs, but luckily he is just praying and cultivating the Islamic religion.

Parvez is a loving and caring man and he works as a taxi driver in England. He is very implicated in the Western civilization, therefore all he wants for his son is a good education as an accountant and an English marriage. He doesn’t want to live by the Islamic rules ‘’Parvez couldn’t deny that he loved crispy bacon smothered with mushrooms and mustard’’ Parvez starts drinking because of Ali’s behavior, and it turns out as a big problem for...
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