My Reflection on My Writing Argumentative Essay

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My Reflection on my Writing Argumentative Essay

When I started writing a argumentative essay, I set my goal that I want to improve myself , know how to write the body of an argumentative essay, defining an argumentative writing the essay in my own words. Learning the model of an argumentative essay and practicing writing as well. And from what I’ve learned in the class this week are very helpful and useful for my argumentative essay, I've learned to revised the idea that I need to put in the whole essay and how I should put them. It makes me learning about the main ideas and the supporting more clearly and how to related to each other and unified and I also gain background information about arguments. Learn the way of how to write an argumentative essay with structural element of argumentative writing and analyze the model of argumentative essay and under what is expected when I am writing an argumentative essay.The most interesting thing that I've learn is how to arranged the paragraph in a logical order. In my procedure of argumentative essay, first I have to plan what I want to write about. Second, I write down the outline of this essay to manage the introduction, the main idea, the supporting details and the conclusion then I have to consider which side of the argument I choose support and also find the evidence that I claim that would encourage the reader to agree with me. In conclusion, there’re two things I want to change in my learning process to make more successful and make it work for my writing like I want to be attend in the class more because from what the teacher teach is the most useful thing and I can use it in my essay and I want to use my free time on practicing my writing more because I believe that if you want to be good at something you should do it more often and put your effort in it. I hope if I can do from what I say I will be better in writing.
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