Odyssey: Writing and Essay

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The Odyssey Compare/Contrast EssayYATES 2011
Adapted from http://home.illicom.net/~sdunlavey/Odyssey%20compare_contrast%20essay.html As the final assignment in our unit on The Odyssey, I would like you to write a compare/contrast essay analyzing the similarities and differences between Homer's epic and the movie adaptation. Please focus your analysis on how the filmmakers adapted their work from Homer's.  You need to list both similarities and differences, but really try to get down to the WHY of it all.  WHY did he change certain things?  WHY were others lifted directly from the original text?  HOW did the filmmakers adapt Homer's vision of Odysseus’ hero’s journey to create their own Odysseus?

Please start with an attention-getting introduction including a thesis statement.  Then organize your argument around your thesis statement using a TBTY style format, putting like things together and being sure to elaborate on your points.  Finish with a conclusion that summarizes your argument, restates your thesis, and provides a final thought.

Similarities| Differences| Why/ How|
Directions: list specific examples of similarities between the Odysseus’ journey in the text and Odysseus in the movie version of the OdysseyChoose 3 from your notes123| Directions: list specific examples of differences between the Odysseus’ journey in the text and Odysseus in the movie version of the OdysseyChoose 3 from your notes456| Directions: Explain why you think the director created these similarities and differences.Discuss your 6 similarities and differences here123456|

This essay should be two to four pages in length, typed, and double-spaced.  When you use specific examples and citations from the book (and you should) please provide the page number in parentheses.  Be sure to proofread carefully!

Assignment rUBRIC
Writing Process| Poor (1)Essay demonstrates an incomplete writing process: rough draft and final draft | Fair (2)Essay demonstrates...
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