My Personal Strategies for Success in College, Career, and Life

Topics: Ethics, Learning, Psychology Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: December 11, 2012
My Personal Strategies for Success in College, Career, and Life

Chapter 1: Understanding the New Environment

What I have learned after reading chapter one is that my best resource at college is the one I see most often, my professor. Aside from the faculty, there are counselors, advisors, and administrators. I have also gained insightful information to help me get on the right track to being successful in college.

I have make a list of the changes I believe would help me to be successful in college, career, and life. And I need to keep track of my progress so at the end of the term; I will have a clear record of how my values, beliefs, attitudes, and habits have changed. And also I have learned that I couldn’t have a work ethic without commitment.

Chapter 2: Understanding Myself

I have learned that I am visual and verbal: verbal, auditory, read-writer, kinesthetic learner, I learn through my sense organs. Knowing my learning style will help me make decisions about the classes I take and how I prepare for them.

I am going to try to setting challenging goals and using positive self-talk to increase my self-esteem and self-efficacy. Also I think I am going to take some classes in the classroom and one online next semester, it going to help me to management my time.

Chapter 3: Developing Effective Study Strategies

I have learned how critical the study environment is to the ability to concentrate. I also learned the major step necessary for memorizing new information is to review it on regular, consistent basis. To strengthen my memory skills I can use mnemonics, association, organize information, and put in practice my learning style.

I learned how to build good study habits, how to learn, and how to demonstrate what I know. Also I have recognized that sometimes I can be a procrastinator person, therefore I have created a schedule to plan all my activities and put it them in importance order and I have settled my...
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