Social and Psychological Factors Affecting the Career Decision-Making of Freshmen Students of Adzu

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  • Published : February 14, 2011
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A Research Paper
Presented to
Mr. Randy S. Magdaluyo
Languages Department, School of Liberal Arts
Ateneo de Zamboanga University

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
English 112 (Research and Academic Writing) K
2nd Semester, Academic Year 2009-2010

Vallyn Joy D. Ting
Ziyada R. Adala
Remart S. Delos Santos
March 2010

Social and Psychological Factors Affecting the Career Decision-Making of Freshmen Students of ADZU

Vallyn Joy D. Ting
Ziyada R. Adala
Remart S. Delos Santos

Thesis statement:

Although psychological factors are the prior bases of career decision-making, social factors is more influential than the other.



1.1Definition of Career Decision-making
1.2Definition of Social and Psychological Factors

2.0Classification of factors affecting Career Decision-making

2.1Psychological Factors
2.2Social Factors
2.2.1Peer influence
2.2.2Familial influence
2.2.3Social trends
2.2.4Financial capacity
2.3Social Factors v.s. Psychological Factors


3.1Students’ career success depends on the social and psychological factors
3.2Solutions for difficulties in choosing a career

Career decision-making is one of the most critical decisions students or young adults faces every time they reach college and it is a fact that they should give importance on it for it upholds their future. In relation with this nowadays, there are many students regretting the course they have taken up for reasons they were just forced to take up this course without considering what their future will be. This paper aims to verify that although psychological factors are the primary bases of career decision-making, social factors are more influential than the other. In most cases the decisions of students towards career choices are being haltered by such factors either psychological or social. However, social factors have more impact on the career decisions of students. Ferry (2006) elucidates, “The career choice that young adults make is embedded in their perceptions of the “ideal job” and their career decision-making maturity, occupational choice is not a mere matching process; rather, it is a choice made in a context of many influencing factors.” Career decision-making refers to a decision made in choosing students or young adults’ career or course and this is affected by psychological factors which refer to the students’ personality, mental capacity/intelligence, and values in choosing a career. Another is social factors which refer to social trends, familial influence, financial capacity, and peer influence that affects students’ career choices. The researchers aim to give solutions on the problems in career indecisions and making decisions not based on the students’ interest and capacity in choosing a course because most career decisions of students are more influenced by social factors instead of choosing a course base on their interest and capacity. In regard with this the purpose of this research paper is to give awareness to the students on the factors affecting their career decision-making so that

they would take a course in accordance of their preferences and capacity so that regrets will be avoided in future time. ”Assessing a decision gives you the power and the freedom to change your mind, your situation and your life.”(Logman, Atkinson, & Breeson, 1947, p.3). In the process of data collection, other than preliminary research using published resources the researchers conducted an interview on a guidance counselor, a parent and a student and also a survey was conducted among ADZU freshmen students with 50 respondents, using stratified and purposive...
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