Personal and Professional Development

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Table of Contents

Task 12
1. Abstract2
2. Why Personal and Professional Development Plan is Important2
3. Career Selection3
4. Short term and Long term plan4
6. My Self-Evaluation7
7. Continuous Profession Development Plan (CPD)9
8. My Idol that I Choose10
Task 211
1. Self-Assessment11
2. My Gap-Analysis12
3. Action Plan12
Task 313
1. Personal Development Plan (PPD)13
2. Job Search Techniques14
3. My Cover Letter14
4. My CV17
Task 419
1. Conclusion and Summery19
2. Strategic Development Plan for Next 2 to 3 Year19

Personal and Professional Development

Task 1

1. Abstract
Personal and professional development is the most important concept for the long term career development. It is the process to setup the aim in life. Everyone should develop personal and professional development plan to find out what are the required skill is necessary for the long term development in life. Education is the initial stage of our life to acquire knowledge and skill and professional life is stage where we can implement those knowledge and skill, Professional life is also help us to enhance our existing skill and knowledge. One should develop the personal and professional development plant at the early stage before the person leave the academic sectors. I, Somrat Akbar currently doing BA Honors and I want to be a human resource manager in my long term career plan. In this report I will describe my future career plan and I will also describe why I choose this career. I will describe what the skills currently I possess. I will use modern tools and techniques, to analyse my skills, values, interest and knowledge. I will also find out the gaps and develop the action plan for further development on that sector. This report main objective is to develop a personal and professional development plant that will show me a clear path for my future career progression in professional life. 2. Why Personal and Professional Development Plan is Important Kotter argues that “The ability to continue learning is a highly important factor in career success and there are many types of self-development.” Personal and professional development plan helps individual to show the desired path to achieve long term goals Gardner et al (2007). It is one of the critical questions that are why one should concern about the career planning process. To answer this question, it helps individual to choose the right career based on his/her skills and personality. It is widely found that, after completing the graduation people choose wrong career path. As for example one person studied in IT sector but end up with working in banking sector. To avoid this kind of trap, personal and professional development plan is very much important. One of the important factors is the global economic downturn. The global economic downturn make the job become more competitive and less secure of the job. Global economic downturn makes higher educated people to work even in a low position in organization structure. Person should have a personal and professional development as a contingency plan during their bad time of their career Mathis et al (2008). It is not only a plan but also analyse the existing skill and knowledge and prescribe the proper solution to enhance those knowledge and skill. Again all over the world, organization always recruit most talented and skilled people. PPD helps individual to be most talented and skilled among lot of potential employees around the world. 3. Career Selection

I am a business administration student and I like be an HR manager in my future life. I choose this career for following few reasons. According to Ricketts et al (2010) HR is one of the most important roles in a company. HR manager task is mainly to manage employee, motivate them to work more efficiently and effectively and evaluate them for their future career progression. HR manager is a very important role...
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