My Motivation

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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October 20,2012
My Motivation
Hotheaded, arrogant, and condescending are just three of the many traits I hate about my father. Growing up I never really had a father figure to look up to. All I had was my mom and two brothers to look up to and that didn't always work out. Then when my father was around all the environment consisted of was fighting between him and my mother, or he would be sleeping on the couch. Everyone wants to be daddy's chip of the ol'block, yet I strive and try in order to be different.

When thinking about a father figure most people think of a leader, or a role model to show their children and others how to be a good person. In my case I didn't have the greatest father figure that I wanted to look up to or be like. I always had either my mom or myself to ask what the right choices in life I should make and have made. While my dad would be out with his friends at the bar and leave my mom at home to take care of three growing young men. Yet to this day I can't tell anyone a five minute conversation I've had with my father. All that makes me want to make every effort in my life to be a leader, to be different, someone to look up to and most importantly a good parent. I demonstrate all those qualities to this day. I have reached a major accomplishment by being our classes president of national honors society, I teach fifth grade CCD at my church, and every Sunday read in from of the entire church community. People always ask me, "How do you speak in front of so many people, when neither of your parents could ever do that?'" The answer is simple, people are who they are, and they control their lives no matter what type of influences are or aren't around them.

I always venture in doing my best and have set goals and achieved great things throughout my life. While my father can even accomplish the simplest of things such as going shopping for groceries, or paying the bills. Whenever my mom asks my dad to fix, build, or do something he would...
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