My Role Model

Topics: Family, Value Pages: 2 (1020 words) Published: November 20, 2010
A role model is someone you look up to, who can have a major impact in your life. My father, Daniel Simms, is my role model. My father possess certain qualities that I admire. He is loving, caring, selfless, hard-working, a devote Christian, he displays good moral values, and he has taught me important life lessons. My father has been very patient with me, he has never given up on me and encouraged me to be a good model citizen. I remember when I was fourteen years old, I was so sick and was admitted to the hospital for a couple of weeks. One day I over heard my dad talking to the doctor about what can he do to help and he told my doctor, "If I have to give my life for my precious baby, I’ll do it. Please, doctor, tell me what I can do.” It was at that point that I was so touched by my father's act of selflessness, that I couldn’t stop crying. I was proud to have a father that would anything for the well-being of his children. Although my mother played an active role in my life, I felt a greater connection to my father. Growing up in a small family, I witnessed the way my father took an active role in his family. He was the bread-winner of his family, yet he never neglected us. He is a loving father. He cares a lot about his daughters. My dad will do anything for his children. Since I could remember to this present moment, he was always been someone whom I can count on to help me in my time of need. He taught me how to be a better person by respecting myself, respecting others, and being a woman on integrity. He has been a good example for me by instilling strong family bonds; because of him I turn out to be a great mom to my children and a good wife to my husband. May father made sacrifies for his family. Despite his hectic work schedule, he took his time to teach me how to drive. He'd wake up early every morning before he went to work to give me driving lessons. I remember when he worked overtime just to save enough money to buy me my first car. I was...
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