Heredity Evironment Interactions

Topics: Family, Teacher, Sibling Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Module 2 Essay
Rosanna Guadalupe
Grand Canyon University: PSY-357
February 27, 2013

Each person on this earth is unique in their own individual way. Regardless of the way they were raised, what they were taught and what they now believe. Every adult born into a family where mom and dad were active members of the family, can look back now – as an adult and either realize the tremendous blessing they had or see where their parents failed them. One young lady who was born in 1979 in the state of Allentown, Pennsylvania was born into a Hispanic family with strong Pentecostal beliefs. She was raised at an early to have reverence unto God, as well as a relationship with Him and to know what it mean to serve a living God. She felt the love both parents has towards her and knew that she was always cared for and protected. That is until she was about eight years old and her parents got divorced, her world and existence – as she knew it – was over, at least to her. The passive genotype – environment created for her up until that point had been one of spiritual devotion, academic priorities and a lot of nurture. The young lady grew to be a good student; she still had the love and support from both parents and excelled academically. She was very out-going and fun loving. She spoke to everyone who crossed her path and even had a baby sitting job at the age of eleven. She was adored by her teachers and got along with her siblings and helped her step-mother care of her baby sister. This young girl always had a smile on her face and was always telling jokes to make people laugh; she was what some would call an extrovert. Which is why it was no surprise she joined the drama club and was a part of every play that the school put on. During her middle school years, this young lady became teacher’s helper and assisted in a classroom for handicap children. She began finding out who she was and what she wanted to do in her life, eventually the desire to...
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