Hamlet - Shakespeare Essay

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Discuss The Importance of The Father Figure In Hamlet
The importance of father figures in Hamlet is like the base of a cheerleading pyramid. Without that strong base, then there can’t be a proper structure built. Especially considering the fact that back then, and even up until today the father is the one who’s suppose to support and make sure the family is held together in a well manner. Just like in Hamlets case, King Claudius wasn’t much of a father figure since he only wanted to be king, and Hamlet only considered him as his uncle and not father. In result of that Hamlet turned out to be a whole different person than expected. In Ophelia’s case, she had her real father Polonius and still managed to control herself. Since Polonius was always looking out for his daughter, she could still feel that sense of protection, in her family including from her brother Laertes also. You need the base of a father figure in order to have a properly structured family. Everything the fathers do in Hamlet effect the children’s behaviour and decisions in the long run. On the other hand, in some circumstances every family is different. They may or may not need that father figure in their life, or they’re not as dependent on them as much as the next individual, like Hamlet who only wanted his real father back. They learn to be independent and not to rely on anymore. They’ll accept help if given but when there’s a way they can solve the situation by themselves, one will take that chance. A family full of independent individuals is as good as a family that’s structured around the father figure and authority as well. When there’s some sort of father figure in an individual’s life, they can be a major impact on their son or daughters decisions and be a good or bad influence. The relationship between King Claudius and Hamlet wasn’t very strong at all. Claudius pretended to nurture, care and love Hamlet. After King Hamlet died, that’s when Hamlet started to...
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