My Mother's Generosity

Topics: Family, Donation, Mother Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Alessandra Rodrigues
At my family's house back in Brazil,there is aways someone arriving to get clothes,to

get a bag of fruits or vegetables from my mom's garden , or to get a piece of furniture we don't

use anymore.We rarely keep stuff that we don't use, and that is all because of my mom. My

mother is very generous and highly opinionated. She believes that if you don't use it, you should

donate to someone else who is in need; she makes sure we all follow that rule.She is the one who

started the tradition.

Every time I stay at my mom's house, I notice that the bell doesn't stop ringing. And that

happens thanks to my mom's generosity. She has many different types of fruits planted in her

garden, like mango, banana, limes, oranges, and guava. She also has a variety of vegetables and

herbs. Very often my mother donates them to the neighbors , which once in a while may return the

favor, and bring her some fruits that she may not have planted in her garden.She may also knock

on a someone's door in her neighborhood,hoping that he or she is open to share like she is ,and

ask for something that she may have spotted through the fence. Flowers are her favorite things to


Also, she goes through everyone's clothes , not only hers, to make sure we don't keep

too many clothes we don't wear anymore. When I moved out of the house, I left a room full of nice

clothes, shoes , a collection of teddy bears, and toys from my childhood . When I came back,

there was about 1% left from what I have left. Everything else was donated to poor families, and

the toys...
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