Symbols: To Kill a Mockingbird

Topics: Black people, Negro, Bible Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Person| Symbol| Explanation|
Bob Ewell| | Bob Ewell is represented by a stick of dynamite because he is always potentially dangerous and he can at any time explode and hurt someone.| Dolphus Raymond| | The paper bags had coke bottles in them but Mr. Raymond led to believe they were full of whiskey so he can keep his lifestyle with the black people.| Calpurnia| | A Bible represents Cal because she brought Jem and Scout to First purchase and because she taught Scout to write out of the Bible| Dill| | A magazine represents Dill because you never know whether all the stories he makes up are true about his life.| Miss Maudie| | Flowers represent Miss Maudie because she is carefree and easygoing, she also enjoys taking care of all the flowers in her garden| Arthur “Boo” Radley| | A hollow tree represents Boo because like boo the hole is dark and mysterious. Also it is what Boo used to give the children gifts.| Scout| | A clock represents scout because just as a clock changes as time progresses, scout learns more over time and begins to see things differently.| Aunt Alexandra| | A calculator represents Aunt Alexandra because she wants everything to be precise just like when an answer comes out perfectly on a calculator.| Mrs. Dubose| | Ivanhoe represents Mrs. Dubose because when Jem ruined her bushes she made him read the book to her out of punishment and comfort for her last days.| Mayella Ewell| | A doormat represents Mayella because she is always used by other people. She has to care for her siblings and her dad abuses her and she has no say for herself.| Atticus| | A mockingbird represents Atticus because like a mockingbird, Atticus tries to make everything peaceful and just. Atticus doesn’t harm anyone intentionally either.| Mr. Nathan Radley| | A gun represents Nathan because when he thought that a Negro was outside he tried to shoot at him but it turned out to be the children|
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