My Goals in This Course

Topics: Punctuation, Comma splice, Education Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: January 22, 2013
London Sedlock Sedlock 1 ENC 1101-3118
Ben Rallo
Spring 2013

My Goals In This Course

My name is London Sedlock and I’m writing about my goals in this course. First, learning proper punctuation in writing is important to me. Second, I want to learn proper sentence structures and avoid run-ons, fragments, and comma splices. Also, I want to be able to properly use grammar when writing and avoid repetition. Finally, I’ll be discussing reading and share my experiences with teaching myself English, Writing, and Reading. To begin with, one of my goals in this course is to learn how to use proper punctuation in writing. For instance, when it comes to punctuation; I have a weak understanding of how to use semicolons, colons, and commas. When it comes to using punctuations; I often don’t know which one to use. So in this course I want to improve my knowledge and usage of punctuations. Next, I would like to include learning proper sentence structures. For example, I would like to avoid run-ons, fragments, and comma splices. I often write many run-on sentences and join independent clauses with a comma. I would like to improve on fixing this in this course.

Also, this course I would like to improve my grammar and avoid repetition. I know that my spelling isn’t the best. Likewise I don’t organize my words in the proper sense. I want to expand my grammar in this course and avoid repetition. I have the tendency to repeat a lot of what I write. After all, no one wants to read the same thing over and over.

Sedlock 2
Furthermore, I would like to discuss reading and why I enjoy reading. Reading is important to me because it’s a great way to learn new things. Another reason I like reading is because it’s interesting...
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