My Approach to Writing

Topics: Writing, Paper, Psychology Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: May 19, 2012
My Approach to Writing
Brandy Deem
ENG 115
Chimere A. Parker
April 15, 2012

My goals for this is course to learn how to understand my audience better. I would like to be able to see and fix my grammar and spelling mistakes. Learn to write a more professional paper. I would like to learn what tone I need to write my papers in and to keep my audience more interested and focused. I expect to use writing in my university career writing reports and essays for my courses. In my professional life, right now I don’t do any writing. I probably will when I get my degree and get a different job, then I will probably have to write reports. In my personal life, I don’t do any writing other than on facebook and text messages and I rarely do that. Setting goals for myself when writing an academic paper is fairly simple. I jot down what I know on the subject. I then research to get more information. I then set myself a schedule to work on the paper a little every night. Then I strive to make the paper the best I can. When writing for others, my biggest challenge is making my paper as perfect as I can get it. I have always had a fear of not being able to write what is expected from the assignment. I also have a fear I will fail on what I’m writing. That being said, I still strive to put forth all my effort into the paper.
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