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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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MGMT 490-BX1
Strategic Management
Apple Inc.: Case Study
July 16, 2012

Good content and application of course concepts. Try to make better use of headings and bullets. It will give more focus and make your case easier to read 90
Current Performance
From The “Consolidated Statement of Operations: Apple Inc.” show that Apple evaluates its performance according to its operating segments based on net sales as well as evaluation based on operating income. On January 9, 2007, the company changed its name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple Inc. to reflect the company’s shift of emphasis to mobile electronic devices from personal computers. Apple primarily uses a geographic structure for managing its business. According to the Business Organization26, the corporation’s reportable operating segments are the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Retail. However, all of these returns on investment, profitability and so forth came to reality because of the company’s commitment to utilize strategic management processes allowing them to make better strategic decisions that are appropriate for dealing with the complex and changing environment. Some of these decisions are mentioned in “Apple Inc.: Performance in a Zero-Sum World Economy.” One clear benefit Apple has is the ability to design, manufacture and market its own personal computing devices including the variation of related software applications coupled with services, peripherals, networking solutions and third-party digital content that target not only the consumer market, but small mid-sized businesses, education, enterprise, government and creative markets. It is also apparent that Apple does not only concern itself with monetary performance, but is committed to bringing the best user experience to its customers. That is providing customers new products and solutions with superiority, ease-of-use and with experience that makes integration seamless to the...
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