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  • Published : October 22, 2013
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The Deal

It was the 30th of October and the London police had been waiting weeks for the day that followed, Halloween. ‘Why?’ you may wonder. Well, Halloween of that year was the night that Dwayne Richards; the biggest drug dealer in the UK, had planned one of the largest drug deals that Britain had ever seen. Dwayne Richards had travelled from America where he first started his drug dealing career. He got involved with the wrong people whilst at school and as a result, is now one of the biggest drug dealers in the world. For this reason, he is one of the most wanted criminals in history.

Halloween had now arrived and Police Officer Lloyd Norich was appointed leader of the Dwayne Richards case. He was eager to ensure that this time, it would be an open and shut case. As easy as 1,2,3. Previously, Officer Norich had the opportunity to arrest Dwayne Richards, but he was unsuccessful. So this time, he was more determined than ever to send him down.

Halloween night was upon them and Officer Norich and the entire London Police Force had taken their places around the spot where the drug deal was to take place. Officer Norich entered an abandoned house that stood opposite to where the deal was planned. The police were given an anonymous tip-off about the deal. Prior to this, they had no information about the deal. Only that it was Dwayne Richards who was carrying it out, so they had no choice but to hope that this information from an unknown source was legitimate.

Officer Norich held his position in the disgustingly-dreary shack. His phone began to ring. “I am currently holding position opposite the warehouse, over.” The night was as silent as a falling snowflake in a deserted park. The dull warehouse located on Blackmore Road was the designated handover point and every street in a one-mile radius was covered by the police. Officer Norich was feeling increasingly confident that they would indeed catch Dwayne Richards this time. Just as he began to relax a...
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