My Goals

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Classified Senate Scholarship Lourdes Brewer How I have applied the things I have learned in Continuing Education to my future educational goals. I came to Continuing Education on January 15 of this current year. After taking the test, I was placed in level 7 and it was the beginning of this new adventure in my life. I was looking for some classes I order to improve my skills on writing and reading English but progressively I was attracted from the professional knowledge to the pedagogy training that my teacher has in the teaching field. The course that she is offering focuses on reading, writing, taking notes from different sources and essay writing. She bring different kind of activities every day and after three hours daily for two months, definitely have awakened my sleepy passion of teaching and made me to have a new goal in my educational plan. I was a Spanish teacher in Mexico in High School for many years; I encouraged my students to discover the passion of Spanish in the letters, the feelings in the words and the beauty in the literature from authors who use the language to create pieces of real art in prose, poetry or drama. And my desire of teaching continued even when I lived in Alaska, where Spanish is taught as a second language, I enjoyed working as Spanish teacher in preschool and Intermediate level for adults. Learning a second language from teachers with knowledge, courage and the special gift that implies to be a teacher makes the difference. I experienced be taught ESL from English speakers teachers at Continuing Education in San Diego that with their help I’ve improved my English communication skills and in addition they have contributed to look for new challenges into my professional life. Maybe in the future as my teacher inspire me to write this essay in English, I would motivate my students to write in Spanish and open other door of perspectives and...
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