My First Fictional Sketch

Topics: Foot, Character, Fiction Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Fictional Character Sketch
She switched on her iPod and plugged in the earphones to drown out the noise from the highway and started jogging towards the hill. The early rays from the rosy fingered dawn bounced off her sun-bleached, wavy hair as they flowed in waves, wrapped around her waist. The beautiful morning adorned her glowing porcelain skin. At the foot of the hill, she bent down and took off her shoes and lifted her skirt up to her knees and started walking up the hill in the cold, early morning. She looked up at the sky with her eager black eyes and reduced her pace, enjoying the touch of the dew gathered, plush grass under her bare feet. Reaching the top of the hill, she took out her diary and sat down. Her toes were painted bright red and her feet were tapping to Ray La montage’s ‘Empty’ playing on her iPod and her rosy soft lips singing along. This was her routine. She came up here every morning just to get away from everything for a change. She would write in her diary and see the birds, the little squirrels and the ladybugs and wished to be as free as them or have wings so she could fly and get away from this city, she wished she could stay there forever, taking in the breathtaking dawn. But every day she had to sadly return back to her ordinary life. Where she was a nobody, was only eighteen but she felt like she had been trapped in that body and town for centuries.
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