Trip to Remember

Topics: Plane, Airport, Anxiety Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 14, 2011
I never pictured myself walking on the streets of a continent other than my own without my parent’s protection. Knowing that I was going to be far away from home, family, and friends for almost one month had me with my nails in my mouth. I anxiously waited for my departure day to come, days, weeks, even months before. When I got trapped in the subway, I realized it was the most unusual trip to Europe I will ever have.

Marked in my calendar with an Eiffel Tower sticker, June 8, 2008 came in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, it was my departure date. It was around 7:30 am and I was like an owl starring at the clock waiting for my alarm to go off. Since my flight departed from San Antonio, my parents had to drive me to the airport very early in the morning. My brother was carrying my extra large-sized suitcase and my dad was turning on the car. “Irene, do you have Andrea’s plane tickets?” My dad asked my mom. “Oh my God I almost forgot!” She replied with one hand on her mouth. I could not believe we almost left without the plane tickets. Later, on my way to San Antonio I was scared and happy, nervous and anxious, stressed but calm at the same time. Many questions were in my head. It is going to be fun? Will I miss my family? And when I least expected, I was on the plane. I was leaving home together with 35 friends to a whole new world.

When I stepped out of the plane I heard, “Welcome to London,” a blonde lady said in British accent, “I hope you enjoy your stay,” she continued. I had waited 9 long and exhausting hours to hear those magical words. I could not feel my legs, I was tired, frustrated and starving to death. Therefore, I ran to the grocery store as if I was a lion after its prey to buy something. Afterward we went outside where you could immediately smell the fresh and clean air of London and hear the pleasant sound of nature mixed with horns and traffic. When we stepped out of the airport the adventures began and days passed by like I would have...
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